Monday, 20 November 2017

Days Out and Night Time Photography

The last few days have been cold and dry and at times we've had some nice sunny spells.
We had a couple of trips out as the weather wasn't too bad. We paid a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Potteric Carr near Doncaster on Friday afternoon. As usual when we make a visit the birds stay well out of camera range. On this particular occasion I didn't have any photos of wildlife but the late autumn colours provided some good photographic opportunities.
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Potteric Carr
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Potteric Carr
On Saturday we headed to the Great Central Railway where they were holding their "Last Hurray of the Season" gala. This is their last main gala of the year before the Santa Trains begin to run as we head towards December. At least when we felt cold we could hop on a train and have a ride to warm up.
Rothley Station - Great Central Railway
Of course the light fades very early as we're approaching the end of November and trains were still running as darkness fell. We decided to see if we could capture any night time shots as the light began to fade.
Quorn & Woodhouse Station - Great Central Railway
Quorn & Woodhouse Station - Great Central Railway
As darkness fell we were waiting for some action to take place so were using our cameras in video mode. The above photos are still images clipped from the video. Whilst it wasn't completely dark the lights on the station were starting to take effect and I don't think the photos have come out too badly. By the time the locomotive in question decided to move darkness had fallen completely and it was tricky pointing the camera in the right direction. That was something I hadn't thought about when taking night time photographs. 
Quorn & Woodhouse Station - Great Central Railway
Hardly surprising that there's very little to see. When I took the video I was pointing the camera into blackness with very little idea of what would be in shot!


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    1. We don’t usually see much wildlife at the nature reserve but it’s a nice walk on a sunny afternoon.


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