Friday, 17 November 2017

I Might Have Been A Bit Hasty

The forecast was correct and a dull Friday morning turned in a bright sunny afternoon as a band of drizzly rain passed through with the cooler sunnier weather following on behind.

Back in September I was busy lifting our potatoes and at the time I posted about our badly damaged Winston potato crop. If you want to check back you can read my post here. I wasn't too happy about the amount of slug damage to our crop and more or less decided I wouldn't be growing Winston again.
Worst of Potato Winston - September 2017
I did post at the time I was sorting out any undamaged or slightly damaged potatoes and storing them as a bag of Winston "seconds". I didn't think these damaged potatoes would keep very well and over the last few weeks we have been using up these "seconds". I've found that many of the potatoes which have a hole in them have very little damage once they are prepared for cooking.
This is typical of the damage to our second class Winston potatoes and below is the potato prepared for cooking with the wasted potato removed.
I've left the waste to the right of the photo and as you can see it doesn't amount to half a chip's worth. I'm now thinking that to rule out Winston as a crop for next year might have been a bit hasty. We'll have to see how our other varieties keep through winter before making our choices in January next year. 

Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I posted some photos clipped from a video I took at Clumber Park this week. The full video is posted below.

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  1. In my book Winston is still not a great taster - unless that has improved with storage?
    We had baked potatoes (again) tonight - Rooster. The sweetcorn was our own too!


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