Friday, 10 November 2017

Leaves Are Hanging On - Just

The last week hasn’t been too bad as we’ve had no gale force winds, only some light rain and a couple of nice sunny days. We have had a couple of cold mornings and our first frost of autumn.
Temperature & Rainfall Details 04-10 November 2017
Wednesday was probably the best day. After the early morning frost cleared it left us with a lovely sunny winter’s day even if it was a bit on the cool side. I much prefer cold sunny days to the dull drab days we often get through autumn and winter.

We took Tivvy for a walk in Rothwell Park. 
Tivvy checking I wasn't lagging too far behind
From a distance, the trees still looked to have some autumn colours but close up they appeared to have lost most of their leaves. Another gale or some heavy rain will probably finish them off.
In the garden our little acer tree still has most of its leaves and is looking at its best.


  1. We have constructed a leafmould pen at the school. Is Tivvy yours?

    1. Tivvy lives with my sister but she is ours too and treats both our places as home


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