Saturday, 17 December 2016

Parsnip Heaven

After a bit of a dull start it cleared up nicely on Friday and we decided on a visit to the plot for some fresh veggies. I posted a week or so ago that we thought our parsnip harvest was doomed this year due to poor germination back in spring. However, the parsnips that did germinate have gone on to do very well indeed - well the ones we've harvested so far.
These were dug up on Friday and weighed in at around 3kg or 6.5lbs. The parsnips I'd lifted over the last few weeks were all free of canker. Now I'd like to say that was the same for those lifted on Friday but rather oddly one root lifted had succumbed to a bad attack.
It's not a pretty sight is it? I almost forgot to take its picture as once I realised how badly affected it was I immediately consigned it to the compost heap. After all we had plenty of good parsnips without resorting to sorting out this canker ridden specimen. I had to rummage around amongst the newly added compost to retrieve the discarded root. Thinking a little bit more about it perhaps it shouldn't go on the compost heap at all in order to prevent the spread of the disease.
All the other parsnips were clear of canker apart from one with a blemish around the crown which will not be much more than skin deep. I think we'll be sticking with Gladiator for next year.

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  1. That one was forked anyway - but I would agree about not composting it!!!


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