Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

The storms Barbara and Conor have been and gone over Christmas without too much of a fuss for us. It's been windy with a few showers too but nothing out of the ordinary for the end of December.
Hi Wind Speeds and Rainfall Records for 20-26 December 2016
It was the mildest Christmas day of the last six years with a high of 14.2°C (57.6°C) although that's not the mildest day of the month which was 07 December with 15.6°C or 60.1°C.
Temperature and Rainfall Records for December 2016
It might turn out to be the driest December of the last six years despite the rainfall over the last couple of days. With Boxing Day's rainfall included the monthly total stands at 22.0mm (0.87 in) and the previous record is 27.6mm (1.09 in) back in 2010. The forecast is for colder but more settled weather as we head towards the New Year so it's possible it may remain dry up to the end of this year.

I'm wondering if the strong winds have blown the last few quinces off the tree on the allotment. On our last visit there were only a few sorry looking quinces left hanging on the tree looking a bit like very sparse Christmas decorations. I need to pick up all the fallen fruits that have fallen around the base of the tree.
Quince - Meeches Prolific
I'll have to have a look to see if the resident blackbirds make any use of the fallen fruits as they make a good job of finishing up our windfall apples. Maybe their not into quinces!


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