Sunday, 11 December 2016

Good and Bad Subjects

Saturday continued the spell of mild and dull weather. We're still waiting for a decent sunny day this month.

We had a trip out to do a little bit of steam train chasing on Saturday morning. At my chosen location there should have been two steam hauled special charter trains, both heading for York, passing by within half an hour of one another. As it happened one of them was running over two hours late so once the first  had passed we headed for Potteric Carr nature reserve.
We seem to be having a bit of bad luck when we visit nature reserves as the birds have developed a habit of staying well out of reach of our camera lenses. It was no different on our visit to Potteric Carr. I took to photographing a couple of rats helping themselves to some easy food under the bird feeders.
The undoubted stars of our visit were the Highland cattle.
By the middle of the afternoon it was beginning to drizzle. It was also getting very dark making any more photography a bit tricky.


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