Saturday, 3 December 2016

Allotment Black Gold

I'm not sure I remember seeing the forecast that suggested the first couple of days of December would be milder nor can I remember seeing the forecast that said it would rain on Friday.

We were in need of a few fresh root vegetables so we decided on a visit to the plot. I was a little bit concerned that the keen frost last week might have damaged our carrot crop which we leave in the ground over winter. It was very cloudy when we arrived and it was trying to rain. It seemed a good ides to dig up some vegetables first just in case the rain got heavier.
Carrots - Flyaway
Our carrots appear to have survived the frost. A few have split and allowed easy picking for slugs and other pests but most of the carrots are still in good condition even if some are a little bit misshapen. When I'd finished harvesting the vegetables it was still trying to rain but not really enough to put us off carrying on with a few jobs. One job that I needed to do was start emptying one of our compost bins. I'll admit that I'm rubbish at making compost but now and again I must do something right and I get some good stuff. This particular compost bin worked pretty well.
It's got a few twiggy bits in it that haven't completely broken down and the largest of them were removed and added to a compost heap in the making. I've managed to get four barrowfulls of good friable compost and am using it to mulch around our fruit bushes.
That was all I had time to do as it started to rain somewhat heavier and we decided to call it a day. I think I'll get another four barrowfulls of compost out of this bin which should be enough to finish mulching around our fruit trees and bushes.

I wish I was better at this compost making lark.


  1. I make my compost in plastic "Dalek" bins, which work well for me. In fact, the worms do almost all the work - the bins are usually teeming with worms.

    1. I get so much material to compost from the allotments that Dalek bins aren't really big enough. They'd probably get stolen from our allotments in any case.

  2. Went to the Gardeners QT "show" at the Botanic Gardens back in July. Bob Flowerdew was waxing lyrical about compost. He reckons the daleks are a con but I have to say that I am happy with the two we have at home. Like Mark they are full of helpful brandling worms who do all the work of mixing and aerating. We also have a dalek at the plot but this is primarily used for blanching the rhubarb. The danger is when the wind takes things away and yo udon't get them returned. But to date the dalek has not wandered.


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