Monday, 19 December 2016

Heaps of the Stuff

It wasn't too bad a weekend. Saturday was the better of the two days with a little bit more sunshine. Temperatures were about average for the time of year and it stayed dry.
Temperature and Solar Radiation Records for 17-19 December 2016
On Friday I finished emptying one of the compost bins on the plot. Well, I call it a bin, it's really a large heap contained by pallets and old fencing panels. After been left for a year or so it's produced some good quality compost.
There's still some material around the edges of the emptied bay but I intend to spread the remainder over the bottom of the bay to start a new heap. The material around the edges needs to break down a little bit more before being spread on the plot.
The compost has been spread around the pear trees, (trying to avoid most of the candytuft seedlings), rhubarb roots, raspberry and blackberry canes, and gooseberry bushes.

My plan was to empty the contents of the adjacent compost bay into the newly emptied one. This would be a way of turning the heap for a final time. However, to my surprise when the compost material was uncovered the compost was ready to be used.
I've already managed to dig out five barrow loads of good compost and started to spread the material over empty beds before digging it into the ground in spring. I'm going to be fairly busy empting out this bay over the next few weeks. Then, once this bay is emptied, the adjacent heap which is full of what I'll call "weeds" can be turned into this bay. It's not easy this composting lark is it?


  1. That's very good amount of compost! They look so good!


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