Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Should Have Seen It Coming!

Monday wasn't too bad for mid October. Some pleasant sunny periods in the afternoon lifted the temperature up to a respectable 16.1°C or 61.0°F. We made an afternoon visit to the plot and found time for a cup of coffee and a couple of superb Queen Cox apples straight from the tree.
Apples - Queen Cox
As we pulled up spent peas haulms and strimmed the grass we should have seen it coming.
We didn't spot it until it was too late. We were about to pack up as a very heavy shower arrived. We decided to wait it out sheltering in the shed until the worst of the rain had passed. It didn't last long but it did look like more heavy showers were around.
As we finished packing all our produce and gardening equipment into the car some more blue sky was making an appearance.

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  1. This is great! First the beautiful apples -- I can just imagine the crunch and then the juice! Then the sequence of storm photos. The sky is so very dark. I often read about these storms but have never seen them before. Our rain is different. It is frontal and falls from a wide leaden, stratus-type sky. Thank you. I very much enjoyed this post.


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