Monday, 3 October 2016

A Very Mild September

For us at any rate September has turned out to be a very mild September and easily the mildest I've recorded over the last six years.
However, the spell of exceptionally mild weather hasn't continued into October. On Monday morning, 03 October, the temperature fell to 2.6°C or 36.7°F which is the lowest temperature I've recorded this early into autumn.
The good weather through September helped our collection of brassica plants to establish quickly and grow well in the mild weather.
Collection of brassica plants planted out on 06 September 2016
Brassica collection on 02 October 2016
I had some doubts about how much growth these plants would put on in the cooler autumn days but so far they've done extremely well. Will they continue to grow this well through October?

Our early cauliflowers didn't do very well at all this year as they were devastated by slugs after they were planted out and although they recovered to some extent and went on to produce some heads these too were eaten away by slugs. We've had a long wait this season for some decent cauliflowers but some planted out in summer are now producing some excellent slug free cauliflowers.
Cauliflower - Clapton
If at first you don't succeed keep trying seems to work most of the time on the plot.


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