Thursday, 13 October 2016

Not Very Rosy

Wednesday was another cool day with some heavy showers and not much of a day for gardening.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for October 2016
We haven't had a great amount of rainfall on any day but the showery nature of the weather and the cool temperatures mean that nothing dries out during the day. The monthly total stands at 18.2mm or 0.72 ins at the moment.

Our rose in a pot which stands outside by the summerhouse door is doing its best to continue flowering despite the poor weather.
However, each flower doesn't last very long before it surrenders to the damp conditions and goes mouldy.
Still it's nice to still have a few flowers even if they don't last very long.


  1. Beautiful rose. Flowers become mouldy? That shows very damp condition over there!

    1. Looking forward to a dry day after almost a week of dull damp weather.


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