Sunday, 30 October 2016

Catching Up

We decided to make the most of the dry weather over the last few days and have some days out. For the last few days the weather has been milder but mostly cloudy and windy at times.
Temperature, Rainfall and Sunshine Records 23-29 October 2016
We headed north for our outings to Richmond Castle, Beamish Museum and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. On Thursday at Richmond Castle it was windy making it feel pretty cold.
Construction of the castle began in around 1070 and it's still possible to climb up to the top of the 30m (100 ft) high keep to get some brilliant views of the river Swale. The only problem was in the wind it was difficult to hold the camera steady to get any good shots. At times it was more important just to hold on to the camera to stop it been whipped out of your hands and over the side.
The wind had abated for our next trip to Beamish Museum in County Durham. It's an open air museum on a site covering about 350 acres with a 1900's pit village, a 1900's town, a railway station and a 1940's farm forming some of its main attraction. As it was school half term holiday the museum was very busy and some of the shops in the town were no go areas as there were long queues outside. The shops sell traditional sweets and cakes and there's a fish and chip shop in the pit village which had long queues outside as visitors waited to buy their fish and chips. I noticed that there weren't any queues at the dentist's in the town.
Our third day out was to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It was certainly the best of the three days as we even managed a little bit of sunshine and with only a gentle breeze it felt fairly mild. We seemed to have caught the moors at their autumnal best.
Into the afternoon the blue skies and sun disappeared and the moors took on a more moody appearance.
We arrived back home with lots of photos to sort out and plenty of video to edit. Still we'll need something to do now the dark nights have arrived. No doubt our photos and video will eventually be posted to Facebook, You Tube and Zenfolio.


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