Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Back to a Rather Damp Allotment

There seems to be little doubt now that autumn has finally arrived. September was warmer than average for September and with some decent sunny days we were spoilt a little bit. October has certainly brought with it some much cooler and damper weather.

Back on the 11 September I planted out some cut and come again lettuce plants called Catalogne in our raised salad bed at home.
For one reason or another I haven't given them much of a thought. There's been enough rain for me to forget about watering plants outside so it had been a while since I'd checked out how they were doing. I had a look this week and got a pleasant surprise.
A forest of leaves ready for picking and as far as I can tell no damage from slugs and snails. Hopefully these leaves should keep us supplied for some time providing we don't get any frosty nights.

We decided on a trip to the plot even though it was cold and damp. I carried on with a Somerset theme and harvested a few more apples, well 15kg or another 33.5 lbs.
Our main problem is storage as we haven't got any. I think they'll have to go on the floor in our summerhouse although we are rapidly running out of floor space in there. It's a nice problem to have though.
After harvesting this little lot we'd got a little bit wet in the spells of drizzly rain and decided to head for home to warm up and dry out.


  1. It's cooled off a bit here, too, at least for the moment. The gray sky is so welcome. What are those round, squat, greenish-white things in your last photo? Squash of some sort? Perfect size of one or two.

    1. I bet your cooled off a bit is different to our cooled off a bit. You guessed correctly that those round, squat, greenish-white things in my last photo are indeed squashes. In the UK they go under the name of Crown Prince. With a bit of luck they will keep through winter and into next spring. They're great for pumpkin pie. I can almost taste the first pie of winter already!

    2. Yeah ... your high is my low. Love WU, translates the degrees automatically for me. Laugh. But about those 'Crown Prince', I looked them up on Google and all references were to the UK. It isn't even marketed here. How strange.


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