Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What’s This?

Monday continued the spell of good April weather that we've had over the last week.

We've noticed some rather strange goings on in our newly sown seeds, especially the one’s sown and placed under the indoor grow light. At first I thought our seeds were germinating but rather strange for seeds there was nothing green about the shoots.
Our seeds are sown in peat free New Horizon Multi Purpose compost. We had decent results using this compost last year and if I remember correctly it got good reports in Beechgrove Garden trials. Early feeding of the young seedlings seemed to be the key for us. But this year we are getting these small fungi growing. You can see several in the picture above doing their best to hide among the vermiculite. They are very short lived perhaps around one day before the keel over and disappear. 

This is how they emerge from the compost, before the cap opens like a tiny mushroom, then they keel over and die. They don’t seem to be having any detrimental effects on the seed germination so I’m not too worried about them. It would be good to know what they are and why they are growing.
There doesn’t appear to be any problems with these dahlia seedlings Bishop’s Children which were sown in the New Horizon compost on 09 April 2013. At the moment I see no reason to change to another make of compost.

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary http://ossettweather.blogspot.co.uk/ author M Garrett


  1. Goodness they do look odd. I have had what I think are some rogue grass seedlings but nothing as exotic as you.

  2. I had those popping up a couple of years ago. They don't seem to do anything untoward so I'd leave them be, especially when you go on to get healthy looking seedlings like those Bishop's Children. They'll be a lovely addition to the allotment.

  3. That is a curious thing. I've no idea but find it interesting.


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