Friday, 19 April 2013

Greenhouse Highs and Lows

The low is a consequence of the gale force winds which have been blowing for several days now. During a particularly fierce spell this morning a polycarbonate sheet was blown out from the greenhouse roof.

Fortunately the panel had become stuck among the apple trees on the path at the back of the greenhouse. On the downside it was in three pieces and not one. With some careful positioning of the pieces I've managed to make a temporary repair. Hopefully the wind will abate overnight as forecast. 
Inside the greenhouse things were much more positive. The cabbage, lettuce and Brussels sprouts sown last week have all germinated. Maybe something will grow on the allotment after all this year. It’s seemed such a slow start.
Our new apple tree - Baya Marissa - from Spalding Bulbs which was potted up and left in the greenhouse over winter and was just showing signs of life last week now has some leaves forming. 
Our Brown Turkey fig also has started into a growth spurt as if its trying to make up for lost time and this has some new tiny figlets starting to appear. Some figs this year would be an absolute treat. 
As well as all this our sweet peas and broad beans sown in modules in the greenhouse are also starting to germinate. Under our indoor growlight tomatoes and aubergines are germinating. The gardening season is now getting under way.

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. I can't believe that my greenhouse is still in one piece after the winds we experienced, I've found parts of it in next door's garden previously. It's great to see seeds starting to germinate now, isn't it? My sweet peas have come on a treat in the greenhouse.

    1. I was surprised that having lost one enormous pain it didn't loose a few more in those winds. After a really slow start things are germinating and shooting quickly now. It's great isn't it. Perhaps it wont be too bad a year after all.


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