Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Breaking for Home

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Tuesday was another cool day with, even with some late afternoon sunshine, the temperature didn't make it into double figures. The forecast for the weekend and beyond is for temperatures to lift although this might be at the expense of some rainfall.

Looking back through my sowing records for last year I don’t think I’m too far behind where I was last year. Our tomatoes, peppers and aubergines were all sown last year by now and so was some early cabbage. Our potatoes went into the ground about now. I’m not sure then that there’s any need to panic and there’s plenty of time to get everything sown and planted in time to produce a decent crop providing the temperatures do start to pick up as forecast for next weekend.

Anticipating that this change is going to take place I planted our tomatoes, peppers and aubergines today. They are now all under our indoor growlight. My plan is by the time these have germinated and are ready for transplanting it will be warm enough for them in the cold greenhouse. Along with these some Dahlias and Mimosa were sown and have joined the others under the growlight.

This is a full list of today's sowings and varieties.
Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


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