Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Recovery of Sorts

The week has gradually got cooler since Wednesday. We didn't have much sunshine on Wednesday or Thursday but neither did we have any rain. Friday was the brightest of the 3 days but without doubt it felt the coldest in a strong westerly wind.

On the plot the other day I noticed that some of the winter brassicas devastated by the wood pigeons over winter might be making a bit of a recovery. 

This is one of our cauliflowers “Aalsmeer”, pictured at the beginning of April, which should be producing some big white curds in the next few weeks. I almost cleared away these cauliflowers and cabbages following the pigeon attacks over winter but on the grounds that I’d got nothing to replace them with and as they were planted through weed control fabric then the bed wasn't going to get full of weeds either so I decided not to bother. Since then we've harvested a couple of small savoys “Alaska” and now the cauliflowers might be staging a late recover.
The pigeons must have found tastier picking elsewhere and left our cauliflower to put on some nice new green leaves. After all it’s been through I don’t think it’s going to produce any prize winning cauliflowers but anything at this time of year is a real bonus. A few days of fine weather and we might just have something ready to harvest. 

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett

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  1. Rain showers here today, though not surprising as the cricket season has started. Anything from the plot at this time of year is a bonus.


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