Monday, 2 July 2012

A Visiting Woodpecker?

Sunday and the start of a new month didn't bring a great improvement in the weather with a cool and cloudy day which threatened rain all day although it never actually arrived.

We very rarely see a Woodpecker in the garden but today was one of those days.

We think that this is a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker. It was making valiant attempts to get at the fat balls with limited success. 

I’d only just replaced the outer cover to the feeder as we’ve a couple of starling families who go through half a dozen fat balls in no time at all. The outer cover doesn’t stop them but it does slow their feasting down a little. I’m hoping that it hasn’t put our woodpecker off making more visits.

The pictures above are images grabbed from my video camera and the full length film is included below. 


  1. Brilliant. It wasn't going to let that outer cover stop it from having a taste.

  2. I just felt a bit guilty having put the cover back on.

  3. A wonderful capture in your own garden - quite jealous :-)

  4. Hi Shirl
    Just a lucky spot really. Not seen it since!


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