Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer’s Best

Monday was a beautiful summer’s day with plenty of sunshine, July’s warmest day with 25.8°C, and remaining mild well into the evening. 

In the afternoon on the plot, as I walked along the path to the raspberries, a male blackbird flew out of the middle of the canes. He was very disgruntled that someone had come along to disturb him. As I picked some raspberries he continued to chortle at me from the safety of the gooseberry bushes. He was very annoyed that someone else had the nerve to  pick some of his berries.
There was plenty of evidence that he’d been having a real feast on the berries and he obviously wasn't content to finish one berry before starting another. Our raspberries aren't netted - we don’t mind loosing one or two to the birds so long as plenty are left for us. I don’t know why this male blackbird was so determined to chortle at me as there’s lots of evidence about that our alpine strawberries, tayberries, and gooseberries are providing plenty of alternative food for the birds. I bet they can’t wait for the net to come off the remaining redcurrants.


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