Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Harvesting Rained Off

Monday was miserable, although I suppose it was only continuing the trend. It was dull and promised rain all morning. The rain however stayed away and we decided to visit the plot in the afternoon, at least to water the greenhouse tomatoes if nothing else. Watering done we decided to do a little harvesting.  
Of course no sooner had we started than the drizzly rain became a little heavier. We stuck it out for a few minutes before deciding to cut our loses and do some harvesting another day.

I did dig our first root of “Vales Emerald” potato. I thought I was being a little optimistic as I was late planting all our potatoes this year. A potted history for “Vales Emerald” goes like this:
  • Planted 20th April
  • First signs of shoots through soil by 16th May
  • On flower 26th June
  • First harvest 2nd July weight on one root 1.1kg
This is the first time we’ve grown “Vales Emerald” and as you can image it was new potatoes for dinner. They tasted really delicious with a good new potato flavour going really well with the small picking of broad beans “Witkiem Manita” that we also harvested today. On taste alone I think we’ll be keeping this variety on the growing list for next year.

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  1. We had new potatoes for tea yesterday too, Arran Pilot here. It's my second year growing them and I'm pleased to say that they haven't disappointed.


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