Monday, 23 July 2012

Greenhouse Update and a Summer’s Afternoon

Sunday morning was cloudy and it looked like it would stay that way but early in the afternoon the clouds disappeared the sun came out and left us with a summer’s afternoon and the warmest day of the month with the temperature reaching 25.1°C.

It seems that, for the last few weeks now, blogs outside the UK have been posting pictures of their first ripe tomatoes. So here’s my UK update where things are much slower growing this year. In the greenhouse I had to search through the tomato plants to find a couple of tiny tomatoes which still have plenty of growing to do before turning red.
This one is Moneymaker and it’s not a lot bigger than a pea and below is San Marzano probably the bigger of the two tomatoes.
We've also got aubergines and peppers growing in the greenhouse. These plants have not only had the cool weather to contend with but were also attacked by snails but they just about managed to survived. Our aubergine Long Purple Podded will soon have its first flowers. I have my doubts as to whether the season will be long enough for it to mature into a ripe fruit.
The same is probably true of our pepper Palladio which is also just developing its first flower. It’s normally September time when the first fruits are ready but at least with peppers they can always be used whilst still green.


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