Sunday, 22 July 2012

Harvesting Onions

After a cold start Saturday wasn't too bad as far as this July is concerned with some long sunny periods and no rain.

We made the most of the weather weeding and harvesting on the plot. I also continued my green manure experiment finally deciding to try a green manure crop in the bed cleared of last winter’s brassicas. The last sowing of white clover failed to germinate completely which I can only put down to the dreadful weather so I’ve tried again in this bed by sowing a mixture of white and red clover.

I've also started to lifted last year’s autumn sown onions. These wont keep long but I think they’ve done all the growing they’re going to do so I think they’ll be better off stored somewhere dry rather than in wet soil. Our first variety Shakespeare has already been lifted and is stored in our home greenhouse and today I lifted these Dobies Autumn Champion which have made some good onions.

Our fruit harvest is continuing as our summer vegetables struggle in the wet weather. We managed a good harvest today full details of which can be found here.


  1. looks like a good harvest, the friut is looking good. you HAVE to make a summer pudding with them. :-)

  2. Great idea Stacy. Never thought I'd like summer pudding until I made one and found out what I'd been missing.

  3. They are good onions,better than mine
    well done.The grapes look good to.

  4. Nice onions. Aren't mange tout wonderful? Our broad beans will be ready in a week or so...

  5. Hi Ana

    Our onions sown last autumn have done well but I'm not sure how successful our summer onions will be.

    Hi Mal
    Our mange tout have filled a rather large gap in our vegetable production line and helped out our broad beans crop. Nearly the end of July and I haven't managed to produce a cabbage yet. What an odd year.

  6. Onion is good with health. I can realize your hardwork


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