Saturday, 31 July 2010

A little more rain

Not too sure about the weather in Ossett on Friday as we had most of the day out visiting Helmsley Walled Garden in North Yorkshire. It was cloudy with the sun only occasionally trying, with little success, to break through. No rain so we enjoyed our visit.
From 02 Weather 2010
Back in Ossett we had a short heavy burst of rain around 18:30 and no sunshine recorded all day.

On Wednesday I visited the plot and during a spell of rain I took shelter in our shed and took some pictures of a young Goldfinch in our plum tree.
From 02 Weather 2010
Birds have a bit of a bad press down on the plot helping themselves to our fruit and vegetables. This Goldfinch was certainly to be encouraged as it was performing a great job. A video of exactly what it was doing will be posted on the web site soon.


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