Saturday, 24 July 2010

A getting better day

Friday continued to get better the longer the day went on. By late afternoon early evening it was mild and sunny with very little breeze. No rain at all today either.

I noted on Beechgrove Garden last week that Duckweed is a baddie of the pond. Click here for factsheet to find out more pond plants to avoid. So armed with my net I scooped out some of the duckweed on our pond. It’s arrived by accident through visiting wildlife or on other pond plants bought at garden centres. I know to my cost it can soon cover the pond surface in a green mat unless some is removed on a regular basis. It’s a bit like cutting the lawn it needs doing at least once a week for the best results. I think that a little duckweed sets the pond off well so I don't remove it all. The removed duckweed is allowed to dry off before it’s composted.

From 02 Weather 2010


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