Monday, 5 July 2010


Sunday was windy. The really fine weather of the last 2 weeks seems to be on the slide. It was still warm today but with much more cloud and windy not really what we need with the already dry conditions. No rain though despite the cloudy skies.

From 02 Weather 2010
Fuchsia - Winston Churchill is coming into flower

Saturday was just a little cooler and we had slightly less sunshine but a good day to be out and about on the plot.

My next batch of lettuce is looking good and just about ready to plant out to replace the dried up lettuces on the plot.
From 02 Weather 2010
Warm spell goes on
Friday was another beautiful warm and sunny day with temperatures above average.

I didn't water too much on the plot expecting rain. That didn't happen and these lettuces decided enough was enough. Only good for the compost heap now.
From 02 Weather 2010
Disappointing rain
I'm a little disappointed by the amount of overnight rain. I expected a bit more from the forecast. We had just 0.6mm which will not do much to water the plot or garden. July has started as June finished with the spell of fine warm weather continuing. Some predictions are that it's unlikely that the fine weather will continue much longer. Click here for details.

Rhubarb on the plot is now showing signs of suffering from lack of water. It may well revive and produce some more stems once we get some proper rain.
From 02 Weather 2010
Note for Wednesday 30th
June ends well
The last day of June continued the spell of fine weather. Plenty of sunshine, a gentle breeze, gave another very pleasant day to round off June. The forecast for July is for more unsettled weather as weather systems approach from the Atlantic. The forecasts have been wrong in the past!
From 02 Weather 2010
This is another old rose which we have had in the garden for many years and with little attention still produces some nice flowers. I've no idea about the name though.
From 02 Weather 2010
Note for Tuesday 29th
Welcome rain
The rain on Monday night and into Tuesday morning was very welcome but still left the plot very dry. There was less sunshine today and despite a breeze at times it turned out to be another lovely June day.

I'm amazed at just how many roses we have in the plot and garden. I didn't realise I was such a rose fan. This one in our garden is Golden Showers.
From 02 Weather 2010
Note for Monday 28th
Remaining hot
It was another hot day. It clouded over late afternoon and had a bit of a thundery feel. The local evening weather forecast gave out some over night rain. Some very welcome gentle rain began just after 22:00 and lasted into Tuesday morning.
From 02 Weather 2010
Alchemilla mollis or Lady's mantle with last night's rain glistening on its leaves.

Live weather details
I’m making a leap forward today with my weather reporting. I’ve been setting up my weather station software for a while now to try to get live (or almost live) weather data onto our web site. I’m trying this for the first time today. With luck the data will update about every 10 minutes throughout the day (or at least when I’m connected to the Internet and everything is working satisfactorily). I’m intending to do more work on the weather data web site as autumn and winter draw in and there is less work to do outside and on the plot.
From 02 Weather 2010
By clicking here you should go directly to a live weather display of the current weather conditions in Ossett, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I'd really appreciate some feedback on whether or not you manage to access the data. Please use the comments area.

Monthly Temperature Comparisons
The charts below compare our monthly temperatures this year with those of last year and the coldest and warmest temperatures for each month. The figures are mean temperatures for each day.

Table produced using data from the Met Office Hadley Centre. The data covers the period 1772 to 2009

Greenhouse v Outside Temperatures
I've also added the following spreadsheet tracking my greenhouse v outside temperatures for February and March


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