Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Heavy rain

Tuesday produced a dull day with some heavy thundery rain. The video shows the rain around 18:30 on Tuesday - my apologies for including the TV news sound track.

It's hard to remember that the first 11 days of July were dry and that after a dry May and June we badly needed rain for the garden and plot. Since then 80mm of rain have made July the wettest month of 2010.

Those pesky birds have been causing problems again. Not satisfied with pinching any fruit or vegetables that take their fancy this time they left the remnants of my goodies in the rain gauge causing it to block. I noticed during the heavy rain my weather station wasn't recording much rain. At first I thought it had gone faulty but noticed it kept on recording rain when the rain had stopped. I decided to risk a soaking and get my step ladder out to inspect the rain gauge between the showers. It was just as well I did as the rain gauge was almost full of water. The blockage was bird droppings. I unblocked the gauge and the water raced through with the gauge’s tipping mechanism working frantically to record the stored up rainfall. This has given me a ridiculous rain rate which I don’t know how to amend at the moment. We haven’t had a rainfall rate of 768mm/hr the record remains at 144mm/hr. Help!


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