Monday, 12 July 2010

Windy morning

Sunday morning was sunny but very windy. In the afternoon the wind eased to give a pleasant end to the day.

Our garden apples are coming on well. The pictures are of a variety which I think is Peasgoods Nonsuch and gave us plentiful supply of excellent cooking apples last autumn. The bottom photo is last years crop in early September 2009 and the top photos as they look today. Another good crop on the way?
From 02 Weather 2010

Saturday - Muggy
Saturday was hot and muggy. It was possible to work up a sweat picking broad beans. There was plenty of cloud about which was probably a good thing keeping the temperature down a little on Friday.

Our cherries are almost ready - can we manage to keep the birds off for another few days?
From 02 Weather 2010
Friday - Hottest of the month
Friday turned out to be the hottest day of the month so far. The records show some rainfall. I must admit when I saw 0.4mm recorded overnight I thought my weather station was faulty. A closer look outside did reveal traces of moisture and closer inspection of the equipment indicated that it had "rained" around 02:00. Then the same thing happened again in the afternoon. Returning from the plot the reading gave another 0.2mm. It hadn't rained on the plot 2 miles away and it was dry again at home. These traces of "rain" are of virtually no use in watering the plot or garden.

Parsley reading for potting on or planting out.
From 02 Weather 2010
Thursday - Cloudy start - sunny afternoon
Thursday started off cloudy and overcast but by the afternoon the cloud was more broken giving some spells of sunshine. It remain warm with temperatures just above normal for the time of year.

Jostaberries ripening in the sunshine
From 02 Weather 2010
Wednesday - Rain - I think!
Wednesday was a cloudy day although it cleared up late afternoon with some sunny periods. We had some light rain /drizzle for around 3 hours which started late morning. In total it amounted to 0.2mm and it never made the soil appear damp although any paved surfaces took on a rather damp appearance.

Mum looking for suitable meal worm for her youngster.
From 02 Weather 2010
Tuesday - Warm
Tuesday was a rather cloudy day but felt warm and muggy in the afternoon. We had a few spots of rain late afternoon but not enough to even wet the ground. The good spell of weather continues to ripen our fruit. These gooseberries are ready for picking. Not sure about the variety but they do taste sweet.
From 02 Weather 2010
Monday - Less sunshine
The weather deteriorated a little more on Monday with only short glimpses of sunshine and the temperature didn't manage 20°C. Can't complain too much though as we've had a good spell of fine summer weather.
From 02 Weather 2010
On the plot we've taken the opportunity to lift our winter onions and store them in the greenhouse to keep them dry. (I'm sure it will rain soon) They should keep in the greenhouse until our main crop is ready.
From 02 Weather 2010
Monthly Temperature Comparisons
The charts below to compare our monthly temperatures this year with those of last year and the coldest and warmest temperatures for each month. The figures are mean temperatures for each day.

Table produced using data from the Met Office Hadley Centre. The data covers the period 1772 to 2009

Greenhouse v Outside Temperatures
I've also added the following spreadsheet tracking my greenhouse v outside temperatures for February and March


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