Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Watercress Madness

The mild weather has continued over the last few days although we've had some rain since storm Brian left us. It hasn't been a great amount of rain but as the monthly total has now reached 29.6mm (1.17in) it wont be the driest October I've recorded. Last year, 2016, will retain that record with just 28.4mm (1.12in) of rainfall.

I posted towards the end of September that our experiment of trying to grow watercress in the pond had been rather successful. We wondered then how long the watercress would continue to grow as the colder autumn weather arrived.
The mild October temperatures have meant that it has carried on growing and continued its bid for pond domination. I had no choice but to clear some of it out of the pond. I'm not sure how much the heap of watercress shown above would be worth in those little supermarket bags but it would fill lots of bags. After removing the pile shown above there was still plenty left in the pond.
We've plenty left to add to our lunchtime sandwiches. I've noticed that some of the forecasters are now suggesting we might be in for a colder spell of weather as November begins. We might soon find out what happens to our watercress in frosty weather.


  1. I've really enjoyed following this saga. After your initial post I put a single sprig into our sunken bucket pond. It was colonised by pests that ate it - but a couple of strands still hang on to life. If it takes off next spring I will be ready for it! No shortage of rain here!

    1. Good luck with the watercress next spring. Hoping ours makes it through winter. We’ve had a very mild and dry month. See they’re forecasting snow on higher ground next week.


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