Thursday, 12 October 2017

Gales Forecast?

The forecast is for a very mild but wet and windy Friday with similar conditions through the weekend. The last couple of days have been mild and a bit breezy. We had some heavy showers on Wednesday afternoon and into the early evening but nothing like the amount suggested by the weather forecast.
Temperature & Rainfall Data 09-11 October 2017
We did have some excellent news on Wednesday. At my hospital appointment, I was told that I could resume driving. It’s been a month and a few days since I had to stop driving but it’s seemed far longer than that. I’ll be less likely to complain now when I can’t get past a bus picking up passengers at a bus stop.

We’ve quite a backlog of jobs to do. All those simple jobs that just involved a quick journey by car tend to be put off when it involves a bus journey or two. We need some bags of compost from the garden centre. It's not an easy job to accomplish using public transport.

Once those jobs are done we can turn our attention to the allotment. There’s plenty of grass cutting to be done which will keep me busy for a little while.
On our last visit to the plot I made a video of our first carrot lifting session of the autumn.

I might be tempted to try lifting a couple of parsnips soon even though we haven't had a frost which is supposed to make them sweeter.


  1. Great to hear you have been given clearance to drive. That's good news! I watched the video. If you are like me you can always reckon the first row is going to be Early Nantes. I am getting better about labelling - but there is still plenty of room for improvement. As the sign says - "Label Everything". You never know subsequent rows/varieties might be better suited to the conditions. Really not wishing to rub salt in but mine have come up really well. I've been harvesting them for a month and giving them away to friends and family. As Sue says. "Don't get smug". Every year is different. Agree about autumn being important, but I'm not thinking of digging my paltry row of parsnips yet. I am a firm first froster.

    1. Well I was fairly sure we’d sown Early Nantes but checking up we’d tried a variety called Marion. Not that impressed and will be going back to Early Nantes next year.

      Glad you’re carrots have done well. I might try a few Autumn King next time we visit the plot.

      Trouble with leaving parsnips until we get a frost is that it can be into the new year for us if we’re lucky or unlucky depending on your point of view.


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