Saturday, 7 October 2017

A Rare Harvest - Melon "Emir"

The first week of October hasn't been too bad weather wise. Temperatures have been a little above normal mainly thanks to some mild night time temperatures rather than high daytime ones. Early Friday morning was the exception with the temperature dropping to 5.7°C or 42.3°F. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01-06 October 2017
Friday was then the sunniest day of the week and as forecast it turned out to be dry too. The rainfall wasn't as bad as my chart makes out as it only amounts to 5.6mm (0.22in) for the week.

We decided to harvest one of our melons which have been growing, through the summer, in our greenhouse at home. The variety is called "Emir". Although the plants produced plenty of flowers they were reluctant to set any fruits.
Melon - "Emir"
We had three plants growing in the greenhouse but only one appears to have produced any fruit or at least I haven't managed to see any yet amongst the tangle of foliage.

To mark the very rare occurrence of having a melon to pick, I decided to make a short video of the special event.

We've still got at least two smaller melons to try.


  1. Such a beautiful melon! Good video! ;)

    1. I'm hoping our two very tiny melons taste a bit better.

  2. I don't feel so bad about clearing out my tomatoes now! I will have to post about my Sharks Fin Melon again as they have grown away again this year. Of course they should not be named melon as they are not sweet and have to be cooked. Squash or Gourd would be more appropriate. But they are dramatic. Those were some serious seeds. Keep us posted.

    1. I noticed that the last couple of very small melons have fallen off the plant. We will have to use them before the snails find them.

      Never tried Sharks Fin Melon. Presumably they fill the same function as our Crown Prince squash.


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