Sunday, 18 September 2016

September Arrives

Over the last few days the hot unseasonable weather that we've been experiencing for the first half of the month faded away and we are now back at the sort of temperatures we might expect for the middle of September.
Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine Records for 15-17 September 2016
On the allotment we've cut back our butterflyless, butterfly bushes (buddleia) on the plot. Apart from cabbage whites we've seen very few butterflies on the buddleias  while they were in flower over summer. This year's flowering had finished so we decided it was time to give them the chop.
This is how they looked in all their glory through the summer months. Now they look very different with just a few bare stalks remaining around the bases of the plants.
It's also left us with a very large heap of buddleia prunings to be disposed of. Some will make good pea supports for next year once some of the leaves have been removed.
I'm hoping that left over winter they won't root when pushed into the ground as pea supports next spring. Buddleias do seem to have a habit of taking root and producing a new bush given the slightest opportunity.


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