Monday, 26 September 2016

Large Scale Tidying Up

It wasn't a bad weekend weatherwise. Sunday was easily the sunniest of the two days and despite a lack of sunshine Saturday was slightly the warmer of the two days. We had some heavy rain in the early hours of Sunday morning amounting to 8.6mm or 0.34in.
We spent a couple of afternoons at the allotment. It's amazing how quickly that season of harvesting changes to one of tidying up the plot as much as possible before any bad weather sets in. I left Sue to do some harvesting and pruning back gooseberry and jostaberry bushes as I'd decided it was time to sort out the area around our greengage trees. It's an area that has suffered from neglect for a good few years now.
It had become a bit of a dumping ground for all those things that might come in useful on the plot one day. As a consequence weeds had taken over much of the space and it was difficult to venture into the area without getting stung by overgrown nettles and thistles.
To add to the confusion there's a large elder bush and a large laurel bush growing in amongst the weeds. They were once planted, or allowed to grow, to give part of the plot some protection from prevailing westerly winds but now cause more of a problem from the amount of shade they cast.
There's all sorts of other debris too that will have to be disposed of, like a couple of old plastic chairs we once used on the plot. I'd already cut down a large conifer tree growing in this area and yesterday's debris was added to this pile of rubbish. It's all compostable or burnable but it's going to take me some time to deal with it all.

I think I might have a winter project.


  1. Winter projects here are strictly the armchair variety. I envy you another season to get things accomplished in the garden. Best of luck!

    Christine in Alaska, no winter projects

    1. I'll probably get put off once the ground is really wet and soggy. I just like to think I'll get these jobs done through the winter months.


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