Friday, 2 September 2016

Race Against Time

September has started off rather nicely, lets hope it continues for a while.

On the plot our late sowing of Onward peas have a race against time to see if we can actually get any peas before the plants succumb to the colder and darker days of late autumn.
Peas Onward on 28 September 2015
Last year we sowed our last row of peas on 08 August 2015 and they didn't come into flower until 28 September 2015. It was a cold September which didn't help and although the peas did produce some pods they didn't go on to fill up with peas.

This year we are trying another late sowing. This year's late sowing was made on 24 July 2016, a little earlier than last year to see if this time we can get a crop of peas.
Peas Onward 01 September 2016
This year's peas are already starting to flower. No doubt a few wet and mild days towards the end of August have helped . So this year's plants are now about a month ahead of last year's. Now we need a better September than last year and we may be lucky enough to get some peas.
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