Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Day at the Wildlife Park

The weather has continued to be warmer than we might expect for early September with temperatures into the low to mid twenties Celsius (70°F to 75°F). It will be a bit of shock when we return to more normal  temperatures for the time of year.

I recently bought a new zoom lens for my Panasonic GH4 camera. It's a 100mm-300mm zoom lens in micro four thirds lens descriptions meaning it's equivalent to a 200-600mm lens in DSLR photography. To be honest the first couple of times I used it I was a little bit disappointed with the results.
I'm now getting a little bit more used to using it. A visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park gave me plenty of opportunities for a bit more practice. These cute meerkats are excellent subjects for a few test shots, well lots of test shots.

After exploring a few other areas of the park we came to one of the tiger enclosures. A couple of tigers were having a nap and didn't seem to be taking much notice of any onlookers or photographers. Why would they!
I thought I might check out a paw taken on maximum zoom.
A video test came as we arrived at the polar bear enclosure where three of the polar bears Nissan, Pixel and Nobby decided to take to the water and do a little bit of play fighting to entertain those watching.
We were lucky to catch them playing as we walked passed their enclosure before lunchtime. As we passed by later in the afternoon they were taking a well deserved afternoon nap.


  1. Great shots... I keep looking at the paw picture, and the sharp claws are well hidden.

    1. I thought how well hidden the claws were when I looked at the photo too.


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