Friday, 17 August 2012

Was That a Parrot in the Plum Tree?

After Wednesday’s rain the more summery weather of late returned for Thursday to produce a warm, dry sunny day with the temperature into the mid twenties.

I went down to the plot in the evening mainly to give our greenhouse tomatoes a drink. There was no one else on the site at this time and as I got out of the car I could hear an unusual bird sound coming from somewhere in our plum tree. I approached the tree as quietly as possible with my camera at the ready.
At this distance I could just make out a brightly coloured bird chirping away in the upper branches of the tree. I didn't want to move in closer for fear of frightening it away so it was up to maximum zoom with the camera. My garden bird identification skills don’t extend to exotics so can anyone tell me what type of bird this is?
Obviously an escapee from an aviary as although the weather’s been better recently it certainly hasn't been tropical. As soon as I moved off so did the parrot. Lucky I had the camera to record this one off event. So it was on with watering the tomatoes. 
I just couldn't resist picking these Gardener’s Delight our first ripe tomatoes of the season. Sadly there’s only one other tomato showing any sign at all of turning red!


  1. I think your exotic bird may be a Fischers Lovebird. Found it on Google images.

  2. I'm afraid I don't know what your parrot is but I do know what it isn't and that is Australian - I searched through my Field Guides to Australian Birds and whilst I found many parrots there weren't any like yours. Hope he doesn't get too cold.

  3. Hi Lorraine & Liz

    Thanks for the link to Fischers Lovebirds Lorraine. We're going to settle for that as the pictures do look remarkable similar.

    I don't think it's suffering from the cold just yet Liz as it was back chirping in our Hawthorn tree today.


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