Monday, 20 August 2012


Firstly the weather was a disappointment today. It stated off sunny and warm giving the promise of a lovely summer’s day but it didn't materialise. Instead by mid morning it had clouded over followed by some very light rain around lunch time and continuing into the afternoon.

Our plum crop too has been disappointing this year. We’ve now harvested all our Oullins Gage plums. Certainly this tree always seems prone to a bountiful year followed by a poor year but I reckon this year’s poor crop is a little exceptional.
On the left is a picture of just a part of last year’s harvest which weighed in at 47.2Kg (104.1 lbs). On the right is this year’s harvest apart from the two plums we ate during a coffee break one afternoon when checking to see if they were ripe. They were delicious! This year’s harvest comes to just 1.9kg (4.2 lbs). None of this year’s plums got anywhere near the freezer.


  1. Goodness, there's such a difference between last year's plum harvest and what you got this year. I'm sure you'll enjoy them all the more knowing how sparse they are though.

  2. Yes we did enjoy them Jo but just a few more would have been very welcome.


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