Monday, 27 August 2012

Typical Bank Holiday Weather

Sunday wasn't the best of days. It was cool most of the day but a brief spell of sunshine warmed it up a little in the afternoon. No sooner had the sun come out than it stated to rain. As we were harvesting on the plot we were forced to take a rather extended coffee break in the shed. Despite the rain it was another good harvesting day - at least we've enough beans to freeze some for winter use.

This is Sunday’s harvest full details can be found here.
I did manage to take a little bit of video before the rain came. I haven’t added too many comments. We know the roses have black spot - they get this every year - and the grass paths need a mow but harvesting is far more important at the minute - after all that’s why we have an allotment. If it looks a little untidy but is producing the goods that’s fine by me. So here’s part 1 of our video with part 2 to follow soon.


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