Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Let There Be Light

Tuesday was a mostly cloudy day with just a few brief glimpses of the sun.

In our home greenhouse our grape vine Himrod has taken over without me noticing. It’s probably contributed to our tomatoes not performing too well or at least not set too many fruits as the plants have grown well enough.
It doesn’t just take over inside the greenhouse it escapes through the windows and forces vines through the smallest gap between the greenhouse frame and glass. I decided enough was enough and got the secateurs out to it.

I didn’t want to loose any of the bunches of grapes which will be ripening over the next few weeks if we’re lucky enough to get some sunshine so a certain amount of care was required when hacking into the mass of shoots.
I finished up with a pretty large heap of vine leaves. At least the plants in the greenhouse will get a bit more light now and any sunshine we do get should find its way to our bunches of green grapes.


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