Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Will It Warm Up?

Monday wasn't really a bad day as we had some long sunny spells and it remained dry but there was a fairly strong, cool breeze all day.

I did manage a small milestone as the base for the summerhouse is finished - well sort of. The actual area where the summerhouse will be constructed is done but there’s still plenty of tidying up to do around the edges but at least the summerhouse can be erected. 
I also dismantled the last of the old pergola which had become a favourite perching spot for birds, particularly our collared doves, wood pigeons and blackbirds. It hasn't taken “woody” very long to decide that our magnolia tree also makes an ideal roosting spot where he can keep an eye out on the garden.


  1. It's still been cold even with the sun, though it's raining again here.

  2. Just an odd shower here but nothing too bad. I see the forecast is for yet another frost tonight.


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