Sunday, 27 May 2012

Filling Up

The brilliant spell of weather continued on Saturday making it the fifth day in a row that the daily high temperature has exceeded 20°C.

On the plot the grass was cut, some more flowers added to the wild flower patch and some radishes and spring onions were sown in the celery and celeriac bed. At last after a very slow start to the season parts of the plot are at last beginning to look like something is growing rather than just patches of soil. As we gardeners are a hard bunch to please some overnight rain would be welcome on the plot as that April soaking has now dried out.


  1. I'm not complaining about the dry weather yet, perhaps when the water butts are empty.

  2. Some parts of our plot are now like concrete. Absolutely impossible to weed or earth up potatoes.

  3. things are looking good, and so neat ant tidy!! want to spend a day on my plot?? haha

  4. Hi Stacy
    You should see some of the bits we don't photograph.


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