Thursday, 24 May 2012

In Search of Perfect Sunshine Trace

Wednesday produced another fantastic day with virtually unbroken sunshine and a new hottest day of the year 25.7°C (78.3°F) beating yesterday by 0.4°C.

The last couple of days have produced almost unbroken sunshine. Tuesday gave 10.2 hours of sunshine according to my weather station and the trace for the day looks like this.
Through most of the day the trace gives unbroken sunshine. But in the morning and late afternoon there’s a crab apple problem. Around 08:00 the measurement is affected as the sunshine is broken up by the top branches of our crab apple “John Downie” and then later by another crab apple “Profusion”. For the next month as the sun gets higher in the sky the dappled effect might disappear to give a perfect trace if the weather plays its part.

In the garden I cleared the summerhouse base of construction debris and it’s now ready for the summerhouse to be erected next week. The pond filter still needs to be located in its final position but that can wait until after the the summerhouse is completed.


  1. It sounds like the summerhouse is coming at just the right time. Let's hope this sunshine continues for a good while longer.

  2. My long range forecast has cooler weather by 31st. Things are always likely to change though.


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