Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summerhouse Day

The fine spell of weather continued on Tuesday but a few degrees cooler than the scorcher we had yesterday.

After spending from last autumn through to this spring preparing the base for our new summerhouse the big day arrived and our summerhouse was constructed. Much to my relief it fitted the base. We don’t have space in our garden to allow for large overlaps so the base was just the correct size.
This was probably the best this area ever looked when the wisteria was in flower. Other than that there was never a desire to take any photographs of this part of the garden.
By the middle of winter though things were looking much worse as most of the demolition work had taken place and construction had still to begin.
But now it’s all sorted and the summerhouse is built and ready for use. It’s certainly made a massive improvement to this area of the garden.

All we need to do now is sort out some furniture to make use of our new acquisition. There are more pictures over on Sue’s blog too.


  1. Wonderful, certainly worth all that hard work. You've got it just at the right time too, so that you've got all this summer to enjoy it.

  2. I'm wondering what my next project is going to be!!!

  3. It's got to be a bread oven next!

    Love the wysteria!

  4. It looks lovely and relaxing. What a nice way to start the summer!


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