Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Where’s my lettuce gone?

Monday was a much better day with some long sunny periods and warm.

We had been lucky this year with slug and snail damage but that's ended now. This is all that's left of my last batch of lettuce seedlings. A few days ago these were good plants just about ready for transplanting in the plot. Not anymore after a couple of nights of snail attack there's just nothing left. They've also been at some flower seedlings too so I'm going to have to try to keep the snails away from my young seedlings.

Plan 1 is to fix a strip of copper tape around the edge of a large watering tray and keep my precious seedlings in this tray. The copper tape has worked well protecting our hostas in pots so I'm going to test out further possibilities. Watch this space for more experimentation. In the meantime I'd better get some more lettuce seed sown.


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