Friday, 15 July 2011

Bright start, turning cloudy

It was a bright sunny and cool start to Thursday. The overnight low had fallen to a rather chilly 7.9°C. By lunchtime it had warmed up but then the clouds rolled in to give us a dull, cloudy afternoon and evening.

On July 14th last year (a Wednesday) we had our wettest day I’ve recorded. An extract from my blog post follows.

Well Wednesday really made up for the lack of rain with two thunderstorms giving torrential rain. The first storm broke around 17:30 and lasted about an hour, giving around 15mm of rain. At one point in the storm the rainfall was fast enough to give us all July's rainfall in just 20 minutes. The second storm began around 21:30 and deposited another 15mm or so in the next hour. The rainfall for the day was 33.4mm……….

I noticed that I thought it was a dry spell last year until these storms arrived so I’ve done a little comparison of the spring and summer rainfall up to and including the 14th July. All the values are in mm.

No wonder crops are struggling as it’s certainly a dry growing season. The forecast for the next few days is for rain. If July remains dry our 12 monthly running total for rainfall will take a dramatic drop as in July 2010 we had double the amount of anticipated rainfall in the month and this of course will drop out of the running 12 monthly total.

In the greenhouse this variety of tomato is German Red Strawberry and it looks like producing some large tomatoes. 

I can see why its got strawberry in its name as it certainly has a strawberry shape to the fruit. All I need now is for it to take on a nice red strawberry colour.


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