Saturday, 9 July 2011

Thundery showers

Friday was a miserable cloudy day with some heavy but brief showers. It seems that for the last few weeks we have missed the heaviest of the rain and although we had 4.4mm today I think it could easily have been a lot more.

At 16:30 the clouds got darker and thunder was rumbling in the distance. In the end it was almost dark and if you look at the solar radiation chart you will see that the value fell almost to zero at 16:30. The rain started as though it meant to make up for the last few dry months all in one go but it only lasted for a few minutes. Perhaps somewhere close by got a real soaking. 

Today's rain was enough to bring the actual rainfall above the expected amount for the 8th of the month by 0.6mm. It’s the first time since February that actual rainfall has exceeded expected at any time in the month. There’s still a long way to go in July but it has been a wet month for the last few years.


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