Sunday, 3 July 2011

A fine few days then rain!

Saturday was another nice summer’s day, mild with plenty of sunshine. The forecast for the next few days is for the fine weather to continue before we get some showers or possibly longer spells of rain. Some decent rain for the plot and garden would be extremely good news as our dry spell is going on forever.

Our garden apples which I think are Peasgood Nonsuch are coming on a treat with plenty of fruits which are already starting to take on a rosy glow.

One batch of our new strawberries arrived rather late and our new plot strawberry bed was already planted up. These Finesse ever bearers were planted up in containers and are growing in our newly cleared area around our cold frame. This is our first fruit ready for the taste test.

We thought that all our radishes recently harvested had excellent flavour including Candela di Fuoco from our free packet of seed. 


  1. We finally got some much needed rain this morning. What a strange year weather wise for all of us.

    Boy that strawberry looks wonderful and those apples as well!

  2. We have a forecast for rain towards the end of the week. Fingers crossed! It's not often we get a dry month let alone four in a row - like you say a strange year weather wise.


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