Saturday, 16 September 2017

Wet Start To September

September's got off to a very bad start. It's started off cool for early September with only 2015 colder since I started keeping records 8 years ago. It's also been a wet start to the month. I've not been through my records to check but it's certainly unusual to record some rainfall every day up to the 16th of the month.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01-16 September 2017
It's been a month of sunshine and showers so far.
So far we haven't had an exceptional amount of rain but there doesn't appear to be much change in the weather over the next week or so. At this stage of the month, only 2010 was wetter, with 48.8mm  (1.92in) in 2010 and 41.8mm (1.68in) this September. We've still some way to go to beat our wettest September in 2012 when we had 79.2mm (3.12in) of rainfall.


  1. The courgettes don't like the constant dampness - or the cold.

    1. Our courgettes have been very poor this year. Having said that we've still had more than enough.

  2. Such a good record of rainfall!
    Amazing photo of rainbow!

    1. Part of the rainbow had disappeared by the time I got my camera. Will have to try to do better next time.


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