Thursday, 28 September 2017

Another Plot Visit

Wednesday night into Thursday morning was our wettest spell of what has turned out to be a pretty wet September. We had 12.4mm (0.49in) of rainfall in total overnight bringing our monthly total up to 71.2mm or 2.8in. Our monthly average for September is 41.7mm or 1.64in so we're heading for double our average rainfall for the month.
Rainfall September 2017
After a rather cool spell through much of the middle of the month, the last few days have been milder with temperatures around average rather than below it.

We had the offer of a lift to the plot and back home again this week, so on Tuesday our friend Graham gave us the chance to do a little bit more harvesting.
A full list of what we managed to harvest can be found here.

We'd bought some autumn and winter cropping brassicas from D T Brown's and they were in rather desperate need of planting out. When they arrived they were potted into 5 in pots to grow on. They were ready for planting out some time ago but with our trips to the allotment limited they'd grown a little bit leggy in their pots.
I was on light duties again so whilst Sue got on planting out the brassicas I had a wander around the plot with the camera and tried to make a video of some of the bits that I missed on last week's trip. I did do a little bit of harvesting.


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