Saturday, 9 September 2017

A Wet Start to September

The first couple of days of September were pretty good but since then the weather's taken a turn for the worse. We haven't managed a completely dry day yet this month.
Temperature and Rainfall Records 01-09 September 2017
By the middle of Saturday morning we've had 26.0mm (1.02in) of rainfall so far this month making it the wettest start to September since 2010.

Fortunately a few weeks ago now Sue got fed up with our onions getting wet down on the plot. We seemed to get at least a shower a day that was intent on stopping them from drying out. She boxed them up and they were stored in the shed.
Onion - Stuttgarter
This meant that we were able to bring back a box full of lovely dry onions this week. Had they been stored outside they would have had a good soaking from this month's rainfall.


  1. Lovely looking apples. Very pretty with the red-on-pink striping. What I wouldn't give to bite into a crisp, juicy, tart apple right now! Good news about the onions. I couldn't cook without them

    1. We get through lots of onions too Jane. Our apples are just about ready for picking now. They're much more tasty than shop bought ones.

  2. Replies
    1. Sue made a good job of sorting out our onions and getting them somewhere dry.


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