Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Season’s Final Bumper Harvest

Tuesday was another lovely mild sunny day. It became breezy and cloudy late afternoon a sign perhaps of the change in the weather to come.

We decided to visit the plot to do a little bit more tidying up and as the forecast is for much colder and windier weather for the rest of the week we decided to harvest our squashes and the last of our Golden Delicious apples.
You might spot that there are a few oddments in the boxes which are obviously nothing like a Golden Delicious apple. As we inherited these cordon apples trees many years ago now we've had to do our best to identify the apples they produce. Our best guess so far is that these other apples may be Laxton’s Superb but whatever variety the tree never produces a very heavy crop. Perhaps it doesn’t like my pruning method. Our Golden Delicious crop weighed in at an impressive 13.25kg giving us a bit of a problem of deciding on the best storage method to use.

Last year we didn't have any winter squashes as we didn't manage to get a single seed to germinate. This year we had no germination problems and our young squash plants, six each of three different varieties, were planted out on 18 June through weed control fabric. Since then they've been left to their own devices with very little attention. No weeding between the plants has been needed and the plants more than filled their allotted space making a break for freedom across the service road running around the allotment site. 
Crown Prince has without doubt been the star performer producing 12 squashes weighing in at 41.8kg, with our Vegetable Spaghetti producing 11 squashes weighing 22.2kg. Lagging behind is Futsu Black a variety we're trying for the first time this year which produced 7 fruits weighing in at 11.6kg.

It was a case of loading up the car carefully so that we could get our harvest and gardening equipment back home. 


  1. That's a great photo at the bottom with all your goods harvested. I really like the look of all the different squash. I enjoy eating squash but find them a little difficult to prep, those hard outer skins. My 'Patty Green Tint Squash' were mostly all green and no squash unfortunately.

    1. Thanks for reminding me Kelli. As last year was squashless I'd forgotten how tough those skins are.

  2. That's a great squash harvest. I've got a couple of Crown Prince, but the Queensland Blue hasn't really come to anything. There's a squash on the plant but I think it was produced too late, I doubt it will be mature enough.

    1. Pumpkin pie will be on the menu again this year for us.

  3. Lovely post. I will be in the orchard and kitchen garden today as I hear the weather is going to change colder and windy. What do you do with all your apples? I've made pies and crumbles, chutneys, given them away, and filled the freezer, stored eating apples, ( do cookers store well)? Also have you any ideas for green tomatoes, again I've made lots of chutney and still have about 40lbs - I will try putting some on the window sill with a ripe banana. My freezer is nearly full now. Isn't it great growing your own produce especially as we have had a bumper harvest. My sweetcorn still isn't ready usually it has been picked by now. Hope you can visit my blog.


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